Marita Sandstad

Is a Norwegian illustrator from Inderøy,

with a degree from Curtin University in Australia.

She works with both illustration - and design related projects.

She mainly works with hand drawn illustrations or sketches

with digital edits and finalizations. See some of her projects here.

You can find her at her studio in Øvergata 17, Inderøy.

To contact Marita about anything - click here.

Her illustrations beautifully portray the concept and inspiration behind each of the craft cocktails, in addition to giving the whole menu a warm and personal vibe. Small details and associations to the products presented on each page and the balance in layout bring the menu together as a whole, while focusing attention on the content.

Her imagination and input was most valuable in this endeavor and the end result far exceeded expectations. We greatly appreciate the energy put into the communication and fully understanding the impression we wanted for this menu.
— Scandic Bakklandet Hotel - Bar manager